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The Story of Ghost Law | Chapter I

The house was just as I remembered it. Weather-worn shutters. Tapioca-colored siding. A disgruntled roofer hanging onto the gutters, screaming for his life.

Yes, everything seemed to be exactly where I’d left it­ — including the cold shiver running down my spine. It seemed not even two decades and countless parking tickets could cure me of the dread this morbid house, once my childhood home, awakened in me.

It took some time for me to come to terms with the fact that the house I’d grown up in was haunted, or, as an appraiser would later declare it, “mega-haunted.” But…

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The Story of Ghost Law | Chapter 10

After I’d succeeded in picking my jaw up off the floor, Madam Twilge filled me in a little more about what happened to Shucky Frazer, the 19th-century cobbler, after his historic lawsuit victory over the possessed shoes that haunted him.

Shucky’s victory, it turned out, was a bittersweet one. While he was now set for life financially, the floating shoes never stopped following him around and kicking him in the ass. This made relaxation difficult, and his social life also suffered.

Unable to sleep, Shucky stayed busy, but not with mending shoes — he swore off helping shoes, which he’d…

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The Story of Ghost Law | Chapter 9 (I’m rolling with it)

“The first recorded victory over a ghost in court was in 1801,” Madam Twilge explained. “The case started after a cobbler named Shucky Frazer kept walking into his shop in the morning to find all of his shoes tapdancing on their own. Frazer was a competitive man, and he felt the shoes were under the impression they were better dancers than he was. So, every morning Frazer would join the dancing to try to prove his superiority. The dancing would last all hours of the day, with occasional breaks for fruit punch and group pictures. Needless to say, his business…

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