The Worst of Me

A compilation vacation

This year, as some of you may know, I’ve been participating in a “Daily” Monologue challenge, as well as serializing a novel about ghosts. It turns out that such endeavors really clutter up a Medium page. Frankly, it smells like a gym bag on here.

So, inspired by David Sedaris’s latest money grab, I’ve decided to compile a “Best-of” article and paste it like a treatise at the top of my Medium page, as well as on the doors of several local government buildings.

The following articles are some of my “favorite” “bits.” Now, not all of them performed very well on here, for obvious reasons (sabotage). But still I care for them; they are the closest things I have to children (including my children).

This is the best worst of me:

Dubbed by the New York Times as “all out of free articles this month.”

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